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From the Vault: Midwestern Doxology

"Midwestern Doxology" was originally published in Oxford Magazine in 2009. Combining the personal essay with politics, it was inspired by the presidential campaign of 2008 and the portrait of the Midwest being thrown around as this homogenous, conservative playground. Which it is not. Since this essay was published, some of my opinions have changed regarding the potential of separating religion and politics. The original essay is no longer available on the journal's website, and the version here has been slightly revised.

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Two From the Vault

Posted two pieces from Ghettoblaster magazine in "From the Vault." One is a short feature on the Columbus, OH (by way of Delaware, OH) band Ugly Stick. I interviewed the guys behind Skully's for something like 3 hours and only used a fraction of it. I'm hoping to write more about them in the future. Great and influential band here in Columbus.

The other piece is a live review of a Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert in Cleveland, October 2012 during the Alchemy tour for Psychedelic Pill. It was, I think, the first US show. I'd seen Young with Crazy Horse in 1996 or 1997 up in Cleveland and was beginning to think I'd never get the chance again. A monstrous show.

Check out both in From the Vault

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