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My Short Story "Ring Around the Moon" in 2 Bridges Review

My short story "Ring Around the Moon" is in the new issue of 2 Bridges Review. The online issue hasn't been uploaded yet, but I understand it should be shortly. Hard copy in photo below (next to cat card for my birthday from my fiancee). Demand that your bookseller carry 2 Bridges!

"Ring Around the Moon" is an example of a story going through many changes in revision. Normal plot, character, dialogue changes, of course. It was originally in first-person, then I switched it to third-, present-tense for a stronger sense of objectivity. This lead to the emergence of a more direct third-person narrator who editorializes. I've been fascinated by this "antiquated" use of point of view recently. Also, the story had numerous previous titles: "Greater Deeds Than These" (too heavy-handed), "Sick" (too Raymond Carver), "Marvel" (closer), and then the current title.

The story is part of a collection I'm shopping around right now.

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Scenes of Love and Theft and the Midwestern Work Ethic or Something

Scattered updates must mean I'm busy, which is a good thing. My article "Scenes of Love and Theft: Bob Dylan, Piracy, and Cultures of Transgression" for the Los Angeles Review of Books should be up today. It reviews two new books: Elijah Wald's Dylan Goes Electric! and Stephen Witt's How Music Got Free. (Edit: Here's the link.) Further thoughts? You bet. The "leftovers and notes" document was 11k words. I'll have much less than that in a day or two.

Meanwhile I think my proposal for Nothing Has Been Done Before, my book of music criticism, is in good hands and headed in the right direction. Hope to have more to say about that in the near future.

The last few weeks have been devoted to revising my novel from its bloated 450 pp. incarnation down to 346 pp. at the moment. It's been exhausting but good work. More on that later, too.

A new PopMatters column is in the pipeline, as is my long overdue review of Tom Williams' excellent novel Don't Start Me Talkin', which will appear in Heavy Feather Review

The Blind Engineer appeared a couple weeks ago, a fact I neglected to advertise here. We're working on some new songs today, as it happens. Still planning on releasing an EP this year if we can. Here's our newest member, Jesse Charles, and myself:

Thanks to  John Garrett  for the caption.

Thanks to John Garrett for the caption.

And now, Sonny Boy Williamson performing "Nine Below Zero," which it thankfully hasn't been here since, what, January?

Forthcoming: "Ring Around the Moon"

It occurred to me that I haven't announced the forthcoming publication of my short story, "Ring Around the Moon," in the lit journal 2 Bridges Review. They've got a beaut of an online reader and, um, excellent taste.

"Ring Around the Moon" is scheduled to be published later this year, at which point I'll share a little more about it (and remind you that it's out).

Apropos of nothing, really, a picture of Spike lounging on my writing desk. Oh, right, that's the connection.


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