Robert Loss studies, teaches, and writes about comics.

In 2010 he established the first humanities course about comics at CCAD, The Literature of Comics and Graphic Novels. In 2012 he founded and organized the Mix symposium at CCAD. Mix sought to bring comics scholars and creators together on the same panels, recognizing that in today's culture the terms are often interchangeable. Mix 2013 was an even larger event. Special guests between the two events included Chris Ware, Jeff Smith, Dr. Jonathan Gayles, Carol Tyler, Tony Isabella, and Charles Hatfield. He served as a CCAD representative on the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus programming committee from 2013-2015. Since 2014, Loss has co-taught a course at CCAD called Comics and Narrative Illustration with Mike Laughead. He is involved in building the comics curriculum at CCAD.

Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter) reviews Mix 2013 and visits Lit/Comics.

Interview with Spurgeon about Mix 2012.

For a few years he maintained a blog for Lit/Comics. The blog is no longer updated, but you can read Literature in the Gutter here.


Current Work

Loss' writing about comics tends to focus on its role in American culture and history, including aesthetics, class, war, race, and ethnicity.


Comics Studies Publications

Academic Publications: Comics Studies

"Profluent Lingering, Trauma and Subjectivity in Incognegro." International Journal of Comic Art.

15.2, Fall 2013. Print. Click here for a PDF.

 "Neil Gaiman's 'Façade' and Patronal Feminism". The Comics Grid. January 16, 2013. Online.


Cultural Criticism, Interviews and Reviews: Comics

"Poetry Comics, Profluent Lingering, and Two Works by Bianca Stone." The Comics Journal. March 9, 2015. Online.

"Root Hog or Die: a documentary about John Porcellino." The Comics Journal. October 21, 2014. Online.

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"No Man's Land by Blexbolex". Heavy Feather Review. December 10, 2013. Online.

"'Real Basic Reality, Like AAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!': Notes from Mark Beyer: With/Without

Text". The Comics Journal. April 25, 2013. Online.

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"Their History, Our History: Hickman's S.H.I.E.L.D.". The Panelists. April 7, 2011. (Site defunct.)



"The Death of Mike Albergo: Ideology and The 'Nam" at the International Comic Arts Forum,

November 13, 2014, Columbus, Ohio.

"Crossing Borderlines: Teaching Comics as an Interdisciplinary Art Form" at the National Conference

on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists, October 29, 2014, School of Visual Arts, New York City, New York.

"Profluent Lingering, Trauma and Subjectivity in Incognegro" at the International Comic Arts

Forum, May 25, 2013, Portland, Oregon.

Panelist, "Comics and Education"; moderator, "Max Ink: 10th Anniversary of Blink". Small Press

and Comics Expo (SPACE) April 13-14, 2013, Columbus, Ohio.

"Mysterious Villains: Comics, Authorship and Legitimacy" at the Southeast College Art

Conference's Annual Conference, Oct. 18, 2012, Durham, North Carolina.

"Office Spaces and the Epic Ordinary in American Splendor and Jimmy Corrigan" at Mix 2012

Comics Symposium, Oct. 6, 2012, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio.