Midwestern Doxology

"Midwestern Doxology" was originally published in Oxford Magazine in 2009. Combining the personal essay with politics, it was inspired by the presidential campaign of 2008 and the portrait of the Midwest being thrown around as this homogenous, conservative playground. Which it is not. The original essay is no longer available on the journal's website, and the version here has been slightly revised.

Posted on September 18, 2014 and filed under Essays.

Ugly Stick: Cowtown Punk

Feature article about the Columbus, Ohio band Ugly Stick, from Ghettoblaster. "There's a certain joy that comes from not knowing what you're doing. You tend to ignore certain respectable, limiting rules of genre. That's what you hear in Ugly Stick's earliest music, and though they grew much more capable and even subtle—see 1993's seminal Absinthe or their most recent album, Still Glistening—Ugly Stick has never lost touch with the exhilarating terror of that first contact with adulthood, its freedom and danger, and the pleasure of doing things their way, tags be damned."

Posted on July 14, 2014 and filed under Features.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Cleveland, OH, Oct 8 2012

Concert review of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Rocktober 8, 2012, originally published in Ghettoblaster. "Let's throw some words at this show: Paleolithic, ripped denims, craterous, grunge (whatever that meant), North American flatlands, weird. Is this a weird show? Trans was weird. This is normal, and only seems weird because what's normal these days is Passion Pit's lead singer saying that '[i]t's an amazing opportunity' for the band's song 'Take a Walk' to be featured in a Taco Bell commercial."

Posted on July 12, 2014 .